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Our Process

Our coconut oil goes through an extremely calculated process that eliminates short cuts, ensures quality and produces consistently.

Coconut oil Production in Ghana
coconut oil production in Ghana

Ava virgin coconut oil goes through a minimum of four Quality Control Inspection Tests before the final product is released for packing, a unique way of production designed to ensure the best quality oil in the world.

Our team are a dedicated bunch of individuals who understand the nature of Process while understanding the process of nature - This is essentially what they do. 


The resulting oil has medium-chain fatty acids and 50% lauric acid recognized as highly beneficial to health. This process ensures a lengthy shelf life of 2 years or more

(at room temperature).



The oil is cold-pressed and processed: The flesh of the coconut is wet pressed and centrifuged to ensure that the oil is produced without direct heat or chemicals.

The oil is crystal clear and silky smooth: This ensures our coconut oil is superior in flavour and texture.

Our process:  all steps from growing to production are organic and ‘double green’- both growing and processing’.


ava virgin coconut oil (VCO) is produced to meet local and international standards, it is produced from the quality and fresh mature nuts, free from any food additives.


We always keep a high standard of process and product quality. ava virgin coconut oil is processed under the guidance of experienced professionals using advanced equipment. It retains all of its bioactive plant nutrients and natural antioxidants, delicate taste and gorgeous aroma of fresh coconut


Recognized and approved by the Ghana Standards Authority and the Food and Drugs Authority