Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any additives in your Oil?

No, there are no Additives or Chemicals added

Where are you located?

We are located in Takoradi specifically Ntwaaban Nkwanta in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis-Ghana

Why does the oil look solid in cold temperatures?

•One of the determining characteristics of virgin coconut oil is the ability to turn solid at temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius ( 76F). The change from liquid to solid and vice versa has no effect on the quality of the oil.
They are not signs of inferior quality.

How is Virgin Coconut Oil different from other coconut oil on the market?

The determining characteristic of Virgin Coconut Oils is that they are made from fresh mature coconuts, and they have a distinct aroma and taste of coconuts present. . True organic virgin coconut oil is water-clear in appearance.

Coconut oil is saturated and therefore unhealthy?

No,The saturated fat in coconut oil is made of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are easily converted into energy leaving no fat deposits in the body and also boost the immune system. Unlike polyunsaturated vegetable oils, coconut oils are resistant to heat induced damages and therefore does not create free-radicals making them healthy oil. The unhealthy saturated fats are those in animals and vegetable oils.

All saturated fats cause heart disease?

Fat that collects in arterial plaque (blood vessels) is mostly unsaturated fats. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and is not easily oxidized. Arterial plaque only consists of oxidized fats which are from polyunsaturated Vegetable oils (quickly oxidized when they are heated). Given to this reason, saturated fats do not cause heart diseases

How does one oil do so many things?

Virgin coconut oil is the best natural source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) – nearly 64 percent of Ava virgin coconut oil is MCTs. These are a group of fats that, because of their small molecular size, break down easily in our bodies. More importantly, they break down to form powerful immune-boosting and energy-giving compounds.
The three major MCTs in virgin coconut oil are Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid. Lauric acid is what is found in mother’s milk, and breaks down in our bodies to form a powerful anti-bacterial, while Capric and Caprylic acid are some of nature’s most powerful anti-fungal.

Why do you use a dark green bottle?

Every oil is in a state of oxidation and one of the factors that provoke oxidation is the UV light. The green leaf or dark colour principally avoids UV light incidence on oil in order to maintain the quality of the oil throughout its shelf life.

What is the shelf life of Ava coconut oil?

2 years

Can I get some of your oil in shops?

Yes, ava virgin coconut premium oil could be found in all the major supermarkets in Ghana: Shoprite (Kumasi/Accra), Koala Shopping mall, Farmers Market ( Tema/Accra), Shell Shops, All Needs ( Takoradi/Swedru/Tarkwa), Garden Mart Takoradi etc.

Do you do deliveries?

Yes on order

How do i reach you?

Reach us through our website: Tel: 0205368981, 0243452546, 0201911493, 0243452544, #avacoconutoil , Facebook: avacoconutoil

Can i use the oil for my body and hair?

Yes. ava Virgin Coconut Oil is a healthy hair food and skin care commodity.

Is your product tested for purity?

Yes. To ensure the highest quality available, ava virgin premium coconut oil is tested for fatty acid profile, free fatty acid levels, peroxide value, specific gravity, refractive index, and other oil stability indicators, as well as for pathogens, yeast and molds, and heavy metals

How come one oil has such an enormous benefits?

This is due to the availability of Medium-chain Fatty acids (MCFAs). These are a group of fats that, because of their small molecular size, break down easily in our bodies. More importantly, they break down to form powerful immune-boosting and energy-giving

How does virgin coconut oil differ from other oil on the market?

When purchasing a healthy coconut oil, one must determine between "virgin" and "refined". Virgin coconut oil are made from fresh but mature coconuts and have a distinctive aroma and taste of coconut present. They are not refined, bleached and deodorized. They are also water clear in appearance. Tasteless coconut oils are made from copra and not fresh coconuts and are mostly refined, bleached and deodorized

Why should I choose ava virgin coconut oil ?

• There is a wide variety of virgin coconuts on the market but their quality and safety cannot be guaranteed • Because most of them are kitchen based and are not regulated by a competent authority like FDA. • A quality virgin coconut oil depends on the following: Age of nuts, the freshness of nuts, manufacturing process control used, final product proximate analysis, microbiological criteria and factory hygiene compliance. • Meeting such standards is no small feat but you should not settle for less if you want to experience all the health benefits of virgin coconut oil. •Make a smart choice by purchasing the premium brand- ava virgin coconut premium oil because it is FDA regulated ( thus certified) and coconut oil quality requirement compliant with evidence of documents supporting its quality and safety.


+233 201911493

+233 205368981

71 Ntwaaban Rd

Ntwaaban Nkwanta

Ketan, Sekondi,

Takoradi, Metropolis,


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8:00AM - 9:00PM

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Farmers Market 

Airport Shell

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All Needs Supermarket

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